September 13, 2016

The 5 Disciplines of Marketing – Training

What is The 5 Disciplines of Marketing training program?

The 5 Disciplines of Marketing is a training program designed specifically for small businesses to learn how to dramatically improve their marketing. We focus on the systematic approach of developing an effective marketing strategy. There are five key areas that every great marketing strategy will successfully incorporate: The Opportunity, Focus on Your Money Maker, Position Your Business on the Marketing Triangle, Get More of The Pie, and Create the Right Marketing Message. 

How is this different from other marketing programs?

In the 5 Disciplines of Marketing we show businesses the natural flow of marketing that exists in every business. Our unique approach enables businesses to specifically identify their strengths and weaknesses in their marketing strategy and know exactly where to focus their marketing efforts. It eliminates much of the “trial and error” marketing approaches that too many businesses waste time, money and resources pursuing and helps businesses focus their marketing on dramatically increasing their sales.

What’s included in the training?

12 hours of professional marketing training or 8 hours of our executive training


  • Engaging, inspiring, facilitated discussion
  • Supporting workbook exercises for each key concept
  • Powerful tools to keep businesses focused on their marketing beyond the training

In-depth material – Here’s what’s included in the workbook

  • Over 100 pages of marketing content – organized for easy reference to key points and topics
  • Hands-on exercises to reiterate each key point for enhanced learning
  • The Marketing Scorecard to gauge continuous improvement
  • The Marketing Assessment Tool to specifically identify areas of improvement needing the most focus in a marketing strategy
  • The Marketing Flow Chart – a unique and powerful tool designed to show businesses exactly where they are in their marketing process

Our personal guarantee

  • We guarantee all of our trainings. If a student is not completely satisfied that they will dramatically improve their marketing simply return the training materials for a no questions asked full refund.

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