September 9, 2016


Ryan_MurrayRyan Murray, the creator of the 5 Disciplines of Marketing, and author of Startup Marketing – Unconventional, Simple, Brilliant has worked directly with hundreds of small businesses in the areas of marketing, finance, and strategy. He has presented at national conferences, entrepreneurial summits, and grass roots meetings – educating and entertaining business owners from start-up businesses to million dollar companies. His ability to relate with his audience and put difficult ideas into easy to grasp concepts has made him among the top speakers in small business. Bring Ryan to your next business event.

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Having studied business in college, I thought attending the 5 Disciplines of Marketing might be a bit unhelpful. Boy was I wrong. Time passed very quickly each evening as we learned from some of the most insightful marketing material I’ve been exposed to. Ryan’s many years of working with small businesses helps him bring a lot of experience and expertise to the course. He has developed some very insightful theories and guiding principles, and he can also explain material succinctly and practically. He really understands what small businesses are facing and need. Nearly six months later we still refer to what he taught us as we make decisions and move forward with our business.

Chandler Tanner
Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, and Attorney