Self Promotion – 5 Ways to Personally Stand Out

5-ways-to-personally-stand-outWhen we think of marketing, often times we think about marketing the products we sell or the services we offer. Yet many times we need to market ourselves. If you’ve ever written a resume, run for political office, engaged in business negotiations, created a strategic partnership, or even asking someone on a date, you’ve had to market yourself.

1. It’s OK to Personally Stand Out

When marketing a product it’s easy to share all the amazing features and benefits and tell a potential buyer why this product is the best. But it’s not so easy to do the same thing when promoting yourself. It’s hard for a lot of people to promote themselves. It seems arrogant, conceded, or self-serving. But if your product is YOU it’s OK to personally stand out. Remember, you are the product and you need to promote your product.

2. Always Be Genuine

When you want to personally stand out you need to do it in a way that is genuine and real. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t strive to become more of who we are or push ourselves to new heights. Just don’t be fake about it. Be true to your weaknesses. Everyone has things they are bad at so just own it. Equally as important, everyone has things they are good at. Just own those too. There is nothing wrong with being really good at something so long as you are genuinely good at it.

3. When You Are Attractive, It Attracts People to You

when-you-are-attractive-it-attracts-people-to-youUnfortunately, mainstream media has completely skewed the definition and concept of attractiveness to almost always be sexual in nature. However, the definition of attractive has more to do with a persons overall interest level than simply wanting a date. If you are wanting to personally stand out, you need people to be attracted or interested in you. Do things that they would appreciate. Dress the part. Smile. Say nice things. This should be simple, but we tend to forget the basic rule of attraction – when you are attractive, it attracts people to you.

4. Create Something You Would Buy

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and asked the waiter what they would recommend only to have them respond that they don’t really eat at that restaurant? Now imagine that you are wanting to stand out for being intelligent but you don’t like to read. It doesn’t work to promote something that you don’t believe in yourself. The best sales people are those who are completely sold themselves on the product. Again, if the product is you, be sold on yourself.

5. Not Everyone Is Your Customer

At some point, you will come across someone who doesn’t believe in you. You’ll try to stand out and not get noticed; or worse, you might even get ridiculed or shunned. Don’t worry. Not everyone is your customer. This is the essence of target marketing. Your goal is not to stand out for everyone, rather your goal is to stand out to those people who matter.

Once you know what you want, go get it…and don’t be afraid to stand out.